About us


We are a team of dedicated hospitality professionals holding various positions in the hospitality industry in and around Uganda. Our dream is to see an industry where more women are treated with the dignity they deserve and are allevated to the same level as their male counterparts.

We would like to change the narrative one woman at a time. Through our efforts and those of our partners, we would like to provide training, mentorship, career guidance and leadership to especially the younger women.



We know that developing a successful career can be a long and lonely path so we get you somebody that “has been there, done that” to gently hold your hand and show you around.

Our industry is also highly competitive therefore providing great service and creating customer focused experience is important. It also uses a diverse workforce, which includes a variety of positions that may or may not have a strong educational component. This is why we feel the need for continuous training.

Job placements

We help our members get job placements for available positions which they qualify for. We run a job board comprising of placements from our partners and supporters. The first priority for these jobs is our members.

Fellowships & Networking

We meet every quarter in different regions of the country to network and fellowship with our members. Meeting like-minded persons creates a sisterhood of sorts and an unbreakable bond. During these fellowships, we strategize, solve problems, offer advice or simply network and enjoy each other’s company.

Financial empowerment

Through our Women in hospitality SACCO, we encourage our members to make small monthly savings. Members can also borrow from the SACCO at minimal interest rates for both short and long term loans.

Hospitality events

We arrange different hospitality events for our members, partners and well-wishers. Notably the women in hospitality Annual awards and the Hospitality Career fairCheck out our events section for more on these and other events.